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Dads, are you confident about looking after your new baby?

For many dads this is a challenge. A baby’s needs are always changing and it’s not easy to keep up to speed. IDC helps by giving you the core information. Mom can even customize it to suit your baby’s needs.

Intuitive Menu System

my notes

Baby help books and other sources of information lack a key feature – they don’t allow for what happens in your home.

IDC has two separate notes functions so you can enter information specific to your baby.

In Dad's Care Personalised Notes

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The heart of the App!

13 clear and easy to follow sections with basic baby care information.

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survival icon

BONUS Survival Notes for Dad – some dads are going to find having a new baby stressful. Life has changed completely

This section has useful and important information on how to cope. It also has tips to help avoid mother meltdown.

survival notes on the iphone

grand parent updater

Grandparent updater – things have changed since they had you!

There are sections for car seats, strollers, sleeping, feeding, child safety, boundaries etc.


In Dad’s Care Baby Care Guide: Birth – 6 months App is available on iPhone, iPad and Android Mobile devices; 6 – 12 months is available on iPhone
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